How to Be an Amazing Mentor: 5 Resources to Make a Positive Impact on Others

This year, think about adding a new resolution to your professional development list: Become a better or even more amazing mentor to others. 

Jan 8, 2018 | BLOG POST

Take a moment and think about the amazing mentors who have made an impact on your career. More than likely these individuals helped you figure out what you wanted to do in your career, spotlighted your core strengths, provided honest feedback, or guided you with answers to difficult career questions, to name a few. Did it feel good knowing that you had someone in your corner who you could confide in for best practices and a fresh perspective on the profession? Or better yet, didn't it feel great knowing you simply had someone to talk to? 

Now think about your current role as a leader and your staff members. Those early and mid-career professionals who are trying to find their way in the local government profession. They too deserve the type of coach and mentor that you had, wouldn't you agree? This year, think about adding a new resolution to your professional development list: Become a better or even more amazing mentor to others. 

If you haven't been a coach or mentor in the past, or if you just want to be a better one, here are five resources that can help you make a positive impact on others. 

5 Questions Every Mentor Must Ask

As highlighted and discussed by Anthony Tjan, CEO and founder of the venture capital firm Cue Ball, who notes, “These five questions, when asked in the order presented, form an effective diagnostic tool that can provide better guidance to mentees, employees, or generally anyone with whom you are playing the role of a counselor.” >> Read More

Being a Great Coach and a Winning Player in Your Organization

From the ICMA Coaching Program, this downloadable checklist provides useful actions a volunteer coach can take to stimulate a productive coaching discussion. >> Read More

What Coaching Is and Isn't

There may be a lack of understanding that some might have about what coaching is and how it differs from other leadership development tools. This article discusses the gaining popularity among motivated managers who seek the individual and organizational growth that can result from a positive coaching relationship. >> Read More

How Coaching Enhances Accountability in the Workplace

Imagine working in a team or organization where there is no interpersonal or team accountability. As a supervisor, a major part of your job is ensuring that members of your team are accountable to you, to each other, and to the public they serve. Accountability begins with clear goals and expectations against which you can measure performance. People who are accountable do what they say they will do. >> Read More

Mission-Critical Mentoring

Mentoring programs have become extremely popular primarily because so many organizations are facing the retirement of a significant number of their workforce. The need to ensure that replacements have been prepared to fill key vacancies on short notice is mission-critical. Read tips on how you can start or join a program in your organization. >> Read More

If you are actively seeking a mentor or coach for your career, learn more about ICMA's CoachConnect program, visit


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