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Coach and learner talking at a table

As of June 1, ICMA has more than 200 coaches available to provide coaching through its CoachConnect platform. ICMA celebrates this milestone, and thanks all the volunteer coaches who are committed to supporting current and aspiring local government professionals. 

ICMA CoachConnect is an online platform that enables one-to-one connections with coaches and learners. Coaches help learners chart a path in local government and guide them to answers to difficult career questions. CoachConnect offers value for local government professionals at any stage in their careers by helping learners see their situation and opportunities from a fresh perspective. 

Since the relaunch of the CoachConnect platform in October 2019, there have been 600 coaching sessions booked, with 224 of those sessions occurring this calendar year. There are more than 450 learners using the platform to meet with coaches and access the coaching resources.

A sampling of the skills of CoachConnect coaches: 

  • 79 are ICMA Credentialed Managers.
  • 15 are Leadership ICMA alumni.
  • 23 are Local Government Management Fellowship alumni.
  • 23 have experience supporting veterans in local government.
  • 57 have experience discussing equity and inclusion in local government.
  • 126 can support learners needing resume review.

Coaching session in CoachConnect take on many different forms. Some coaches and learners benefit from casual, informal networking and check-ins. Others pairs set up a more formal relationship that continues over time. Many learners choose to meet with more than one coach.

Are you ready to join CoachConnect? Learn more and sign up as a coach or learner!