17 Local Government Predictions for a Successful 2017

Dec 28, 2016 | ARTICLE

Wouldn't it be great to be able to predict the new set of possibilities local government professionals are likely to encounter in 2017? Here at ICMA we think so and to help, we asked a group of local government experts and thought leaders to look into the #localgov crystal ball and share their predictions, views, and tips on the upcoming year in the new e-book 17 on 2017: Predictions on Local Government from 17 Experts.

In the first edition, you'll see predictions on everything from succession planning to race relations and public health to smart cities. The words and tips offered by each of the experts might inspire and surprise or even confirm your own thinking about the year ahead. Take a look at a few of the highlights from the new e-book:

Ibarra, Patrick - Career Track

". . .The need for experienced and seasoned employees has never been greater, while those are the very workers who are most likely to be departing in the very near future. It’s clear that governments need to get serious about succession planning.” Patrick Ibarra, The Mejorando Group, on the topic of succession planning.


Mike Huggins

". . .In 2017, local government leaders will find themselves operating more and more in the realm of wicked problems--i.e., complex, interdependent, social, and organizational issues that have no agreed-upon problem definition, no clear solution, and involve the conflicting values and perspectives of multiple stakeholders." Michael Huggins, Civic Praxis, on the topic of leadership.


Kimiko Black Gilmore

". . .2017 will be a year of women taking a fresh look at how we should manage ourselves in the workplace." Kimiko Black Gilmore, assistant city manager, Kansas City, Missouri, on the topic of women in the profession. 


Lisa Schoenfelder

". . .Local governments need to fully embrace mobile technology for both their workforce and for their constituents to communicate directly to the government that serves them." Lisa Schoenfelder, enterprise project manager/application services manager, Boise, Idaho, on the topic of technology and innovation.


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