Silence is no longer an option when it comes to social injustice, so ICMA is continuing the dialogue with this special audiocast series. We are speaking with local government leaders on various aspects of racial and social injustice—what they have experienced in the past, what they are seeing in their communities today, and what they anticipate as the path forward.

PM magazine special supplement: Moments of Change: Leading with Courage and Commitment for Racial and Social Justice

This PM magazine special supplement includes observations and commentary from local government leaders, along with resources for addressing the needs of your community and ways to take action.

FIRST PERSON: Conversations with Local Government Leaders Series


Audiocast 3: 
Conversations with
Kurt Wilson


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Audiocast 4: 
Conversations with
Opal Mauldin-Jones


Conversations with Equity Officers and those who do equity work

Conversations with Law Enforcement: Police Chiefs