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Who would have thought that managing a city could be so funny? “The Mayor Married Who?” provides a fun insider’s look at the daily challenges, unexpected curve balls, occasionally embarrassing failures and successful triumphs that local elected officials and professional administrators face every day in our city halls and county halls of administration.

Have you ever given 24-hour notice and walked out on your job? Have you ever had an outdoor campsite named in your honor or a plane pull a banner thanking you for your public service? Have you ever opened a successful, but illegal business, and have state authorities shut you down? Have you ever negotiated a serious business deal wearing a clown costume, full face makeup and a multi-colored wig? Have you ever broken your boss’s arm? Have you ever built a 14,000 square foot building on a property that you did not own? Have you ever cost your employer $900,000…or $3.75 million…and kept your job?

Through short stories capturing a 40-year city management career, Tim Casey’s sense of humor, passion for public service and compassion for others permeate every chapter of this book. “The Mayor Married Who?” is a must read for local government officials and employees, public administration educators and students, and anyone who has ever had occasion to contact their city hall with a complaint or request for service. But even if you can’t name your mayor or city executive or have never had any dealings with your city/local government, Tim’s stories are sure to bring a smile to your face. Enjoy the read!!

The paperback version can be purchased through Amazon for $15.95 or for $14.36 directly from Outskirts Press through the author’s webpage.

The Kindle version can be purchased through Amazon for $9.99.

The PDF Download can be purchased for $5.00 directly from Outskirts Press through the author’s webpage.


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