The Human Side of Budgeting

Budget Games and How to End Them

Mar 14, 2017 | MEMBER BOOK (PRINT)
March 14, 2017 | 503-894-1448 |

The Human Side of Budgeting explores the relationship between budget systems and the overall management of the organization.  It approaches the budget from a local government management point of view, and makes the case that traditional budget systems work against almost everything we know about good management (i.e., that most of our employees are not, in fact, lazy and stupid). It is written both as a text for students in graduate programs and as thought-provoking essay for more senior managers who wonder why their budgeting systems produce such pathological behavior in their staff and governing bodies.


Price: $4.99 PDF; Print: $14.99 (; Kindle e-book: $0.99 (limited time)


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