Rejoin today and enjoy the new reduced dues rate for Chief Administrative Officers and Assistant Chief Administrative Officers.

While retaining the salary-based approach, we’ve decreased the salary adjuster from .008 to .0065 (capped at $1,200) to give you a minimum 14% dues reduction! An ICMA membership gives local government professionals an advantage in today’s challenging economic landscape. Offering access to the latest resources, networking opportunities with local government professionals from around the globe, and discounts on training from public service leaders—all of which accelerate your career.

For leaders of smaller communities, we want to ensure that you can take advantage of all ICMA has to offer, so we have included an additional 20% discount for communities with populations less than or equal to 7,500 and General Fund Budget less than or equal to $7.5 million. Read more about the ICMA Dues Restructure.

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