ICMA members talking at tables in a conference room
Global Engagement committee members participate in global knowledge exchange with the Royal Commission for AlUla staff in AlUla, Saudi Arabia.

The ICMA Global Engagement Committee serves as an advisory body to the ICMA Executive Board on a range of international matters and carries out an annual charge as defined by the board in alignment with ICMA's Global Engagement Strategy. The committee works to communicate the value of having an international perspective to members, as well as state and affiliate organizations, and emphasize the “I” in ICMA. The committee works closely with staff to review ongoing relationships with ICMA's international strategic allies and partners. The committee also examines ways to ensure that important member-to-member interactions still occur among and between affiliates and ICMA members.

The committee supports the implementation of ICMA scholarships and fellowships supporting international work and works to develop strategies to further develop ICMA’s knowledge base (leading practices, information exchange, technical assistance, products, and services) so that it is relevant and valuable to local government managers worldwide.

The committee meets each year at the ICMA Annual Conference and conducts a second meeting outside of the United States focusing on professional exchange and contribution to the international knowledge base.

Members with questions can contact Jeanette Gass, senior program manager, global engagement, at jgass@icma.org.