ICMA Vision

To be the leading association of local government professionals dedicated to creating and sustaining thriving communities throughout the world.

Internationally, we will realize our vision by driving value through global networking, career development, promotion of best practices, innovation, and professional recognition offerings for members and other stakeholders across countries and disciplines.

Global Target Audience

Any country’s local government organizations (i.e., region, county, district, city, town, parish, borough, any local municipality, etc.) and/or its employees—outside its national and/or federal government structure—that focus on serving its residents by managing and delivering local government services to them, regardless of political, cultural, or religious affiliations.

Global Engagement Strategy (GES)

Goals and Objectives

  1. Goal 1 - Position ICMA as the home for the local government professionals and stakeholders worldwide.
    1. INTEGRATE fundamental practice areas as a professional development framework, addressing all levels/stages of career development.
    2. CLARIFY the definition of the local government profession at its fundamental level globally and target audiences.
    3. RECOGNIZE the professionals for knowledge, experience, and dedication to continuing professional development.
  2. Goal 2 - Ensure financial stability.
    1. DIVERSIFY portfolio of stable revenue-generating programs, products, and services with sustained growth potential, addressing the local government professional development life cycle.
    2. SECURE strategic investments to support growth outside the United States
    3. PRESERVE and grow revenue from grants and contracts, leverage grant-funded projects to capitalize on follow-up programs, products, and services.
    4. INCREASE revenue generation from outside the United States.
    5. OPTIMIZE internal cost of operations.
  3. Goal 3 - Ensure organizational capacity to meet the needs of global audiences (US included).
    1. BUILD a global mindset across staff and governance bodies.
    2. ENSURE the internal structure is conducive to supporting strategic goals, and org- wide vision, and mission.
    3. REBUILD and optimize the innovation and development process for products, programs, and services.
    4. ENSURE a culture of continuous improvement.
    5. LEVERAGE all stakeholders (staff, governance, customers, members, and strategic partners) to advance strategic goals, and org-wide vision, and mission.
  4. Goal 4 - Achieve operational excellence
    1. IMPROVE end user experience.
    2. DEVELOP and establish a management system to measure and manage performance of programs, products, and services.
    3. ENSURE staff and governance roles are clearly defined and supported.
    4. ELIMINATE staff silos (real or perceived) and build a culture of collaboration, open communication, and continuous improvement.

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