Treasury Services Manager

City of South Fulton, GA

General Description

Under the guidance and supervision of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and City Manager, responsible for the organization and supervision of the Revenue, Debt Management, and Investments Division personnel for the timely receipt and recognition of revenue processing. Directs the city’s cash management and investment functions with the goal of enhancing the city’s interest income returns within the parameters of best financial management practices. All investment decisions must be in compliance with State of Georgia standards, City Council adopted investment policy; and require approval of both the CFO and City Manager.

Duties and Responsibilities

The functions listed below are those that represent the majority of the time spent working in this position. Management may assign additional functions related to the type of work of the position as necessary.

Leads the activities of the division through supervision and coordination of the work. Responsible for maintaining accurate & reliable revenue recognition procedures and evaluating internal controls. Oversees implementation of new treasury systems with adherence to generally accepted accounting principles and training of staff.
Responsible for timely and accurate billing, collection, and recording of various revenue. Reviews and manages the Accounts Receivable balances and directs payments into the COSF’s Bank Accounts. Develops governmental revenue budgets (revenue anticipations) for the Executive and Legislative branches of City government with the Budget Office. Administers and monitors City Revenue policies and procedures, systems, and technology. Develops Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for cash management, investments, revenue collection, etc, and implements a robust training program for division staff and, as appropriate, other COSF staff.
Efficiently administers the city’s collection policies and procedures to maximize collection rates and minimize outstanding debts. Oversees Discovery Audits and seeks new and alternative equitable revenue sources. Supports legislative hearings on license applications, proposed revenue sources, and amendments to the revenue budget. Monitors and evaluates collection performance. Prepares revenue projections, variance analysis, and management reports with recommendations for corrective action.
Prepares financial reports and statistics for the CFO, City Manager, City Council, state agencies and others. Oversees investment performance, mail room check receipts, remittance processing, bank deposits, check issuances and cash report revenue recognition. Assists internal and external auditors in audits of depository bank accounts.
Plans, directs, and manages the investment program of the City of South Fulton; manages investments for the city’s various portfolios, and those monies held and invested by outside trustees. Plans, directs, and manages the city’s cash flow to increase the amounts of cash available for investments.
Directs cash management, banking services, and investment functions within the parameters of City Council’s adopted Investment Policy. Monitors goals and reports monthly and quarterly on investment program activity. Develops short- and long-range plans to ensure that all operations are effectively and efficiently performed. Prepares cash management and investment information for statistical and management reports.
Recommends legislation to improve investment operations and increase maximization of City resources. Advises Chief Financial Officer, City Manager, and City Council on aspects of programs. Maintains communications with city departments, the banking community and broker/dealers. Establishes investment strategy and determine appropriate investment mix of the portfolio.
Maintains knowledge of cash management procedures and practices to prepare cash flow projections, cash balance forecasts, and daily cash settlement procedures. Maintains a current awareness of banking policies and procedures to ensure that the monetary transactions (specifically security transfers and wire transfers) of the City Treasury are managed in a timely and effective manner. Reviews contracts, establishes, and enhances the City’s safekeeping custody program.
Works with other City departments to ensure proper credit departmental bank deposits with corresponding revenue recognition. Coordinates fiscal year end policies for depositing funds.
Manages relationships with other vendors such as online payment applications, the City Treasurer’s cashiering application, and the taxes accounts receivable systems.
Conducts other special projects as appropriate.
Performs other job duties requiring skills, knowledge and physical requirements as demanded by those duties described or less. Individual assignments will be determined by the supervisor based on then current workloads and department needs.
Maintains and applies a comprehensive understanding of the Division’s responsibilities supervisors; remains knowledgeable about personnel, equipment, and training needs; adequately communicates orally and in writing with staff, other departments, local, county, state and federal agencies, and the public.
Accurately interprets and conducts operations in accordance with City Council’s adopted Investment Policy. Analyzes and interprets economic and financial market trends. Stays abreast of fixed income investment and money market trends and developments. Maintains knowledge of cash management practices to include innovations for applicability to the city’s program. Stays abreast of banking policies and procedures, to include security and wire transfers and collateral safekeeping practices. Maintains excellent communications and working relationships with the banking community, broker/dealers, various city department, and finance and treasury staff. Provides excellent technical documents and communications to Chief Financial Officer, City Manager, and City Council.

Additional Functions

Performs other related duties as required.

Knowledge of the principles, theories, and methodology of governmental accounting.
Knowledge of personnel management and administrative practices.
Knowledge of fixed income investment practices.
Knowledge of banking and bank services.
Knowledge of cash management practices and procedures.
Knowledge of the accounting interrelationships between the various departments.
Knowledge of local government operations.
Knowledge of local, state, and federal legislation as related to local governmental finance and investment procedures.
Knowledge of the practices and methods of accounts receivable collections
Skill in conducting fixed income investment activities and managing a large investment
Skill in conducting a cash management program so as to maximize the amount of funds available for investment.
Skill in communicating (orally and in writing) accounting information and instructions.
Skill in researching and understanding local, state and federal laws regulations, and proposed legislation.
Skill in researching and interpreting provisions in complex legal documents, to include trust, escrow, custodial safekeeping, and other financial agreements.
Ability to operate in a complex financial market environment involving more than $200 million in investment assets
Ability to plan, develop, organize, direct and coordinate fixed income investment and cash management functions and processes in accordance with established legal and policy requirements.
Ability to direct the analysis and preparation of reports and financial statements involving complex financial data.
Ability to prepare and present financial reports and recommendations.
Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with the banking community, broker/dealers, and senior executive, professional, and other levels of city staff.
Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.
Ability to perform technical writing and documentation of systems.
Ensures that an accurate record of fees and other applicable data is maintained for all
accounts, that checks due, and invoices are approved, processed, and mailed in a timely
Facilitates timely collection of all monies due; researches and makes decisions on past due items.
Assists in the development and administration of the department’s budget, including forecasting revenues and funds needed for future operations.
Generates billings of commercial and residential miscellaneous revenue accounts; verifies the accuracy of daily cash transactions for local and remotes sites; posts daily cash receipts and then updates this information using the appropriate software program.
Addresses problems, answers questions, and responds to complaints from the public, City officials, and other agencies; explains service fees and rate structures for various licenses, permits, and fees, including new services and changes in service.
Reviews and prepares standard correspondence relating to Revenue activities.
Works cooperatively with a variety of City and other government officials, community groups, and the public.
Recommends and implements improvements in the tax collection strategies/techniques.
Assists in the revision of applicable ordinances and regulations.
Minimum Education and Experience Requirements

Requires Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, or comparable degree allowing CPA certification, plus five (5) years professional experience providing the required knowledge, skills and abilities and associated with duties described, to include supervisory experience.
Certified Treasury Professional (CTP) or Certified Public Accountant (CPA) designation preferred.
Requires a valid state driver’s license with an acceptable driving history.

Special Requirements

All employees may be expected to work hours in excess of their normally scheduled hours in response to short-term department needs and/or City-wide emergencies.
Must be available to work evenings, weekends, holidays, and overtime when required to meet operational needs.
ADA Compliance

Physical Ability: Requires sedentary work that involves walking or standing some of the time; involves exerting up to 20 pounds of force on a regular and recurring basis, and routine keyboard operations.

Sensory Requirements: The job requires normal visual acuity, and field of vision, hearing and speaking.

Environmental Factors: Essential functions are regularly performed without exposure to adverse environmental conditions. This job involves dealing with the public, wherein some individuals may be concerned over escalating issues that may, from time to time, become confrontational.

Mental Requirements: Performs professional level work requiring the application of accounting, legal, or managerial methods in the solution of financial, administrative, or legal problems; applies extensive understanding of operating policies and procedures to solve complex financial problems; coordinates professional, sub-professional, and clerical work in these disciplines; requires continuous, close attention for accurate results and frequent exposure to unusual pressure.

How to Apply

Application Deadline
Apply online at

Job Details

Job Function
Division Manager
Position Type
Full Time

City of South Fulton


5440 Fulton Industrial Blvd Sw
Atlanta, GA 30336-2527
United States

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