ICMA Celebrates Its 2020 Student Chapter Graduates!

We recognize and celebrate the student chapter members who are graduating and entering the profession this semester.

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For the ICMA student chapter members graduating from their programs this semeter, their celebrations and ceremonies may look very different than past years; however, our pride in their achievements is not dimished!

In our chapters across the country and the world, graduate students in public policy and administration are cultivating their love for public service through coursework, research projects, and community service. This past year, our graduates have lead their chapters to great accomplishments and have already shown promise in their hopes of leading successful careers in the profession.

Even in times of uncertainty, its important to recognize our students and wish them well as they enter into the profession! We are confident that these young professionals will use their skills and passions for public service to continue the tradition of excellence in local government. 

ICMA is happy to share in the excitement of the graduations of the following student chapter members, and we are very proud of their accomplishments!

Master of Public Administration Candidates

Bailey Barnett, University of Missouri - Kansas City*

Thomas Bennett, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Amanda Bruno, University of Arizona*

Kourtney Dinkins, University of Central Florida

Alexzandra Fogle, The George Washington University

Abigail Garcia, Texas A&M University* 

Rhea Muñoz, San Francisco State University

Amy O'Dell, University of Alabama at Birmingham* 

Thomas Prior, Arizona State University*

Amanda Rogers, Southeast Missouri State University

Huell White, Portland State University*

Devone Williams, Northern Illinois University

Kimberly Winarski, Texas A&M University* 

Renee Wott, Bowling Green State University

Danielle Littmann, University of Delaware*

Jason Wardrup, University of Delaware*

Simone Adkins, University of Delaware

Tonisha Hurd, University of Delaware

Sarah Warkentin, University of Delaware

Reidel Vichot, University of Delaware

Ernesto Abreu, University of Delaware

Shane Fisher, University of Delaware

Jamie Forrest, University of Delaware

Daniel Alberto Lahera Liranza, University of Delaware

Monica Mesa Alvarez, University of Delaware

Jessica Deshaies, University of Delaware

Bethany DeBussy, University of Delaware

Eugene Dvornick, University of Delaware

Matt Server, Indiana University* 

Travis Reginal, George Washington University* 

Brian Joanis, Northern Illinois University          

John Scopelliti, Northern Illinois University** 

Jacob Smith, Northern Illinois University*   

Austin Lewey, Northern Illinois University        

Matthew Bajor, Northern Illinois University             

Matthew Galloway, Northern Illinois University    

Abigail Monrroy, Northern Illinois University            

Daniel Noll, Northern Illinois University           

Jordan Salzman, Northern Illinois University              

Max Gonzalez, Northern Illinois University 

Melissa Plageman, San Francisco State University*

Master of Public Policy Candidates

Karin Gandler, Heinz College at Carnegie Mellon University**

Marina Sangit, Pepperdine University*

Sara Shore, Heinz College at Carnegie Mellon University*

Elizabeth Speigle, Heinz College at Carnegie Mellon University**

Brianna Sunryd, University of Massachusetts, Amherst* 

Master of Public Policy & Administration Candidates

Candice Gilreath, University of Tennessee, Knoxville*

Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration

Victor Sanchez, Brigham Young University - Idaho


*Denotes Chapter President

**Denotes Chapter Board Member



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