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Zencity Live Demo

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Join us for a live demonstration of Zencity Essentials and hear about and from municipalities that are currently using this service.

Introducing Zencity Essentials: An Engagement package built to simplify the process of understanding your residents' needs and build stronger trust with your community. With Zencity Essentials you can now perform the “full cycle of engagement” using an affordable solution that allows you to:

  • Listen to the community on social media (Nextdoor included!), news, and broadcast media to understand community needs and discover what public discussions are gaining momentum, so you can hear feedback “beyond the STPs”.
  • Engage the community on specific issues and topics that require resident involvement by quickly creating projects using our generative-ai powered building flow. It takes you from idea to a full shareable website in 5 minutes so you can start gathering input.
  • Communicate your plans and actions via our social media publishing as well as new and updated engagements.
  • Generate reports to your the council and your residents on results and conclusions with just a few clicks.

Key Takeaways:

  • Harness the power of online networks to hear from your residents across major social media platforms like Nextdoor, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and collect invaluable feedback on resident sentiment and current projects.
  • Share authoritative information on projects and initiatives taken by your local government, with the ability to receive public feedback and collaborate on their design and implementation.
  • Automatically publish new engagements and outcomes to close the loop of listening and collecting feedback by transparently reporting back to your community.
  • Use AI to save time and resources to lift the burden of so many day-to-day tasks; from crafting polished posts and press releases using generative AI, to building an entire website in just a few minutes, to generating reports for your leadership with just a few clicks. 


Bridget Saxton, communications manager, Melisa, Texas

Taylor Lavelle, communications and events specialist, Melisa, Texas

Noa Fishman, account executive, Zencity

Ido Ivry, chief technology officer, Zencity


Don't miss this opportunity to join us and explore scaleable and time-saving solutions that streamline resident engagement and drive positive change! 

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