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Naharia, Israel


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The Federation of Local Authorities in Israel and Israel Trauma Coalition host a municipal resilience workshop on the preparedness and resilience of cities in future emergencies.

Preparing for crises is a shared community responsibility. Individuals, families, businesses, and institutions that are prepared are more likely to cope more efficiently, reduce the risks of damage to critical infrastructure and economic losses, and recover faster while minimizing the emotional impact and strengthening individual and community resilience.

Once the steps of immediate emergency response are implemented, it is up to local leadership and the municipality's services to provide and facilitate all the necessary recovery measures supporting citizens and the community's institutions to restore and strengthen the community's cohesion.

This workshop focuses on Israeli concepts and models of emergency preparedness and community resilience, all field-tested in real emergency situations. It is recommended for senior executives from local authorities and government offices in charge of emergency planning and management, community resilience and urban planning, health and education administrators.

As part of the workshop, numerous experts will share professional knowledge on the preparedness and resilience of cities in future emergencies and traumatic situations.

In addition, participants will get a chance to experience and learn about models and real-life examples of urban resilience in the Israeli cities of Nahariya, Haifa, and Acre. Representatives of cities from all over the world will be able to participate in a dedicated session designed for this purpose on the third day of the workshop.

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