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Join ICMA Strategic Partner ResourceX for a free webinar on how your jurisdiction can use budget data to foster trust with residents.

Priority Based Budget (PBB) data ensures that local government decisions reflect the residents' priorities. PBB is built around the program instead of the line item, which creates a meaningful connection between the budget and the community by reinforcing how programs are directly relevant to how residents experience public services. However, there is still a need to present this program data to residents in an easy-to-understand and meaningful way.

ResourceX, in partnership with the City of Pittsburgh and Delivery Associates, has taken this step with the creation of the Pittsburgh Budget Resident Dashboard. This dashboard enables residents to understand the budget on a deeper level. By providing this information in an easily digestible way, residents can access information and engage with city priorities, decision-making, and budget data in a new and interactive way.

Join ResourceX and our esteemed guests to learn how incorporating data-driven decision-making across processes can improve a city’s ability to communicate and build trust with residents. 

This webinar is complimentary for attendees thanks to the sponsorship of ICMA Strategic Partner ResourceX.

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