Engagement, Motivation, and Leadership

Become inspired to be a leader who not only sees the possibility but engages those who follow.

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2.5 hour workshops: $2,500 plus travel and lodging.

Workshop: Engagement, Motivation, and Leadership

As data from the Gallup research shows us, the percentage of disengaged and actively disengaged employees in the U.S. is truly alarming. This research includes local government employees. What do we know about engagement and how can we increase the number of engaged employees in our organizations? Understanding what is key to employee engagement, understanding current research on what drives or motivates employees, and providing the leadership needed to inspire your organization are the core leadership skills to increasing engagement.

This 2.5 hour workshop will challenge you to look at the Gallup research, examine what we now know about what motivates people, and develop a leadership plan to create the platform for engagement. It will include application of a most powerful tool that will increase engagement and motivation and inspire you to be a leader who not only sees the possibility but engages those who follow. (Practice Area 4- Staff Effectiveness) 


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