Wi-Fi On The Ave-A Digital Downtown

This public/private partnership between the Delray Beach Marketing Cooperative (DBMC) and Blue Web Mobile Media allowed for the City of Delray Beach to bring free seamless Wi-Fi access in the downtown public areas.

The Three part project incorporates the following:

1. Free Wi-Fi access within the downtown district spanning almost 2.5 miles along the central corridor. Once a customer logs onto the Wi-Fi they are directed to a homepage which displays various paid advertisements and local merchant promotions.

2. Virtual Kiosks that provide way-finding for the Downtown area. The Kiosks are very similar to large I-Pads which engage the public in a multi-dimensional marketing effort. For example, users can tap the screen and access the information of a local hotel, restaurant or shop including but not limited to directions to the establishment, reservations, entertainment schedules or menus.

3. A Mobile Application will allow the user to take this platform with them. The user can then be queried or accessed for future information and can navigate the same information and directories remotely.



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