Protecting Americans in the 21st Century: Communicating Priorities for 2012 and Beyond

Oct 1, 2012

A White Paper by The National Homeland Security Consortium, Updated Edition: October 2012 This paper adds to the continuing dialogue between the member associations of the National Homeland Security Consortium (the Consortium) and leaders of national homeland security policy and strategy efforts. This document builds upon the findings and recommendations of the Consortium’s 2008 and 2010 white papers, which raised awareness of a number of policy challenges and offered many potential solutions and recommendations. This paper also highlights the success, and future potential, of collaborative policy discussions. The second purpose of this paper is to illuminate several growing and emerging areas of concern that the Consortium believes require the focus of the nation’s homeland security leaders and influencers. Some of these issues are well known while some are just beginning to rise on the horizon of the nation’s policy and strategy discourse.


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