A guide for local government provided by ICMA Strategic PartnerPolco

Local governments everywhere are facing new challenges around shifting workforce expectations, retention, remote work, rising workloads, and more. 

But, government leaders are successfully addressing some of these most pressing workplace issues. And you can, too!

In this guide, new research reveals how employers can positively impact workplace climate and drive higher job satisfaction. Polco, civic engagement and analytics platform, has surveyed thousands of public sector employees about their jobs. Results show areas of the government workplace that matter most. And there's proof that data-based decision-making works.

Guide: Navigating Today's Greatest Workplace Challenges

See how city managers, recruiters, and HR leaders are taking employee engagement to the next level, adapting, and thriving. Plus, get exclusive data from The National Employee Survey from Polco, specifically for local government. 

In This Guide:

  • Nationwide research reports to inspire your 2024 workplace initiatives
  • Governments driving positive organizational culture through employee engagement
  • Tips for boosting retention, managing stress, and adapting to workforce demands

Get clear insights into job satisfaction. Find out what it takes to tackle today's biggest workplace challenges. See exclusive data to help you get started!

The data in this guide are based on national results.


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