ICMA Survey Research: 2012 Digital Use Survey Results

ICMA members share their digital use.

Nov 13, 2012

Survey Highlights

  • High use of Smartphones; iPhones and Droids are reported by the highest percentages.
  • Majority use Smartphones for both business and personal use.
  • Virtually all use the phones to access the Internet.
  • 50% prefer mobile versions of sites when accessing the Internet.
  • iPads are by far reported by the highest percentage of e-readers/tablet users; they say they use them to read books and magazines. Yet, e-readers are not the preferred method of accessing books and magazines.
  • A majority prefer to access print versions of books and magazines. (These may not be the same people who use e-readers.)
  • Pluralities prefer to access articles and reports on their laptops/pcs.
  • Facebook and YouTube are the top reported social media used by respondents.


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