Gang Abatement Initiative

The Janesville Police Department’s Gang Abatement Initiative was implemented in 2008 with the goal to reduce the impact of criminal street gangs, including their negative influence and criminal behaviors, upon the citizens of Janesville. In order to accomplish this goal, a team of highly motivated officers was assembled to engage in problem solving with other agencies, educate the community to better recognize gang activity, and deter youth from becoming involved in the gang lifestyle.

It became our vision to establish a model project that coordinates law enforcement agencies, school districts, community organizations, and criminal justice entities to mobilize the community; to prevent, intervene and suppress youth gang activity; and to develop and change approaches to gang reduction in this community. The Janesville Police Department now partners with the Janesville School District, Rock County District Attorney’s Office, adult and juvenile probation, neighboring law enforcement agencies, and federal law enforcement agencies to aid in accomplishing our goal.



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