Creative Collaborative Partnerships: How Net-Zero Energy saving technologies can reduce costs while increasing awareness to citizens.

The City of Grand Prairie Housing and Neighborhood Services Department sought ways to cut utility costs for families under its HOME Reconstruct Program.  Since net zero energy homes produce as much or more energy than they use by incorporating many high efficiency upgrades and designs to conserve and minimize electricity usage, the need for this particular project became a high priority for the city.  Prior to the net zero energy saving project, the department did not direct attention to educating its clients about zero energy or energy conservation, nor did it implement these new technologies in any of its grant programs involving construction or rehabilitation.  Since many residents were unaware of net zero energy and energy conservation, an opportunity arose to educate the general public on energy conservation technologies.  An infill lot, long considered an eyesore, was acquired by the city through tax foreclosure and transformed into a state-of-the-art, energy efficient 1,267 square foot single-family home to temporarily house families participating in the reconstruct program.  


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