From blizzard conditions and cold temperatures to winter sports and fun, managing local government resources to best deal with the adverse weather conditions that come with winter can be a challenge. Here, ICMA takes a look back at its own resources to see which ones are most helpful in dealing with what winter has to offer.

How Do You Get Ready for the Perils of Winter Weather? This Public Management (PM) magazine resource includes short responses from members on how they get ready to deal with winter weather and the variety of issues that are not always what you think about when dealing with it. 

5 Keys to Public Safety in Storms: This resource is from 2014 and references a specific case in the Buffalo, New York, area; however, the overall advice is worth thinking about before the next storm hits your area. 

Storm + Social Media = Community Pride?: A blog post from Life, Well Run shows how social media can help keep residents informed during a snowstorm as well as bring pride to a community.
City of Brooklyn Park, MN Technology Helps Track Frozen Pipes: An article from 2017 details how Brooklyn Park has used technology and diligent staff work to help reduce the problems caused by frozen pipes. 
These are just some of the resources that ICMA has to offer. For more on emergency preparedness, check out the emergency and disaster topic. If you would like to get more great ICMA content like this, subscribe to the blog today.    

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