Top 5 Most Read Articles from PM Online

Dec 14, 2015 | BLOG POST

Over the next week, In the Know will reveal the ‘Top 5 of 2015’, first with the top five most read articles from PM Online and finally (on December 18) the top five most purchased publications.

1.) Women Leading Local Government

Subtitle: Why So Little Progress in 30 Years?

Author: Heidi Voorhees and Rachel Lange-Skaggs

This article highlights the challenges women face in career advancement, provides specific steps women need take to advance their career, and necessary steps for managers, ICMA, and all professionals.

2.) Next Generation Professionals: An Inside Look at What Matters to Them

Author: Cheryl Hilvert, Patrick Ibarra, David Swindell, and Karen Thoreson

As individuals long wedded to the local government management profession, the authors of this article wondered how younger, relatively recently-employed local government workers viewed their roles, their employers, and their future. This article provides a glimpse into their perceptions of local government as a career choice and how these young professionals would choose to enhance their workplace.

3.) A Manager's Performance Appraisal: Prepare With Confidence

Author: Rick Dacri

An evaluation of the manager—a process hated by most and ignored by others—should be an opportunity to both develop a manager’s knowledge and move a community forward. This article provides a list of powerful tools as well as potential stumbling blocks to prepare for your annual performance appraisal.

4.) Citizen Disengagement: The Minority Opinion

Subtitle: A new take on involvement

Author: Kevin Desouza

This article takes on the approach of disengaging from the community. First, it provides reasons for disengagement, such as: people are busy, people aren’t paying attention, and it can be perceived as a chore. It also provides tips on responsible engagement and free resources.

5.) Strengthening the Library's Strategic Role

Subtitle: Prepare to Focus on Public Access Technology

Author: Rashad Young and Susan Benton

This article provides tips on how to meet current public access technology needs, a brief overview of several libraries that have completed the Edge assessment and are implementing action plans, and meeting future public access technology needs.

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