In late June I had the pleasure of attending the North Carolina City/County Management Association summer meeting in Wilmington, NC. One of the presentations was made by Leisha De-Hart Davis who is with the UNC School of Government at Chapel Hill. Her presentation focused on the recent work funded by the Local Government Research Collaborative whose research focuses on significant issues facing local governments.  In my experience, local government grievance policies are not often discussed, especially is this type forum, but with Leisha’s presentation many questions were raised and attendees gave pause to reflect on their policies, many of which they admitted were out of date. Should your policy be updated? How can you minimize grievances? How can you better track the path of grievances? This is a significant body of work, and I encourage you to find out more information on the Alliance website. Additionally, a free webinar is planned for July 29th where Leisha will share her findings.  You can register here. To assist you in advancing the relevancy and effectiveness of your processes on grievance policies, I encourage you to register for this webinar and share in the research and how it can impact your organization.


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