This Monthly Rundown is a collection of #LocalGov highlights from the month of September. Consider it a friendly reminder of the content you might need to catch up on from ICMA.

PM Article: The City Health Dashboard: A New Web-Based Dashboard Is Designed to Help Local Governments.

Help for Communities Affected by Hurricane Florence. Here are some ways you can support local government colleagues and their communities.

Help ICMA Promote Professional Local Government. ICMA has advocated professional management for more than 100 years. We need your help to continue this critical mission.

Reacting, Recovering & Rebuilding from a Hurricane Disaster. Business administrator of Tom's River, New Jersey, Paul Shives looks back at preparedness and response efforts from the worst natural disaster in the state's history.   

Member Spotlight: Gabe Engeland: ​​City manager of Sierra Madre, California, Gabe Engeland shares how he got started in local government and offers advice to individuals looking to get into the profession.

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