In Case You Missed It: August

Between managing day-to-day operations and the natural curveballs that come your way, it can be easy to miss helpful content that can make your job easier. Take a dive into the ICMA archives for some specially curated resources to help kickstart initiatives in the following topic areas; management, equity and inclusion, and gun violence.

SCOTUS Strikes Down “Proper Cause” Requirement to Carry a Gun in Public

Mass Shooting Protocol and Playbook: Tabletop Exercise

  • The first time you think about how to respond to a mass shooting should never be when you have received a call alerting you that a mass shooting is in progress. Preparedness is key and hosting a tabletop exercise is the single best way to help you think through the unthinkable. The Mass Shooting Protocol and Playbook: Tabletop Exercise template provides guidance for making basic preparedness decisions and can be adapted to meet your community’s needs.

PowerPoint for Approving and Applying Equity Initiatives to Impact Your Community

Career Compass No. 96: Why We Need Great Mid-Managers More than Ever

  • To reinvigorate organizations post-pandemic, ultimate success depends on the actions of mid-managers. Positive change happens in the middle, and Career Compass No. 96: Why We Need Great Mid-Managers More than Ever covers the importance of mid-managers and why local government executive management must begin to redefine the role of mid-managers in their organizations, focus on upskilling, and provide them with much needed support.


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