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Aug 18, 2015 | BLOG POST

Another summer has come and gone, and everyone from grad students to veteran managers are looking for new inspiration and a fresh start. If the reality (or nostalgia) of browsing through your college bookstore motivates you we’ve got you covered this fall!

For a limited time, ICMA is offering its Back-to-School Collection, a series of discounted publications for local government management professionals, from students all the way through to the seasoned executive. Each publication focuses on the fundamentals of local government management, and one or all of them can help you hone the skills you need to do an outstanding job for your community.

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Member discounted price: $49.09

Nonmember discounted price: $55.65 

Managing Local Government Services: A Practical Guide (e-document)

This publication was written for everyone from local government management professionals who need more comprehensive information on local government service delivery to those who already manage a city, town, or county and are responsible for the efficient, effective, and equitable delivery of essential services to residents. The book will be particularly helpful to new or entry-level managers and those in smaller communities. Chapters include:

  • Meeting the Challenge of Change
  • Budgeting and Financial Management
  • Planning
  • Human Resource Management
  • A Manager’s Toolbox

Click here to learn what’s inside the “Manager’s Toolbox” chapter.


Member discounted price: $31

Nonmember discounted price: $35.75 

The Effective Local Government Manager (3rd ed.) (e-document)

Whether you are a graduate student looking forward to the excitement of a local government management career, a relative newcomer to general management who may have risen through the technical ranks and now seeks a broader base of knowledge, or an experienced manager who wants to review concepts and test knowledge and skills against managers of similar backgrounds, this publication is an invaluable resource. Chapters include:

  • The Profession of Local Government Manager: Evolution and Leadership Styles
  • Achieving Effective Community Leadership
  • Promoting the Community’s Future
  • Leading a Manager’s Life

Member discounted price: $28

Nonmember discounted price: $32.25 

Managing Local Government: Cases in Effectiveness (e-document)

This publication will meet the needs of practicing managers engaged in professional development and graduate students who aspire to a career in local government.  A practical companion to The Effective Local Government Manager (see above), this collection of case examples focuses on leadership styles  and the realities of being a manager. Cases explore how a manager can become an effective community leader, help his or her governing body become more effective, implement policy, improve productivity, evaluate programs, and much more!


Member discounted price: $78

Nonmember discounted price: $107 

The Municipal Year Book 2015 (e-document)

Not your typical classroom text, ICMA’s Municipal Year Book is an authoritative source of local government data and information on issues affecting local government. Each year through The Municipal Year Book, ICMA shares the results and analysis of its extensive research program with local government officials, students, and practitioners. Much of the data used to develop the Municipal Year Book articles are based on the results of ICMA’s primary surveys; article authors come from local, state, and federal government agencies; universities; and public interest groups as well as ICMA staff. For the first time this year, the Municipal Year Book has gone entirely digital!  Click here to learn more about this invaluable resource.


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