4 Resources to Help Your Community Become Cyclist Friendly

Jul 14, 2015 | BLOG POST

With summer weather in full swing and “going green” on the minds of citizens, cycling is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to driving. With more cyclists on the street, it’s apparent that bike law enforcement needs a tune-up. The C3FT, an invention by a little Austin company designed to enforce laws requiring that vehicles give at least three feet to cyclists when passing, could actually change the roads for cyclists everywhere. For more details about the C3FT, check out Next City’s article!   

Take a look at these resources to learn more about cycling and how to make your community safer for both cyclists and pedestrians!

  1. Get some great pointers and strategies on improving mobility in your community.
  2. Read up on implementing bike networks by downloading this Knowledge Network article.
  3. Bike Paths in Your Community“offers additional resources on cyclists and their street safety needs.
  4. Use this article to gauge how bike-friendly your community is.

Please tell us what your community has done to make bicycling safer!

Jordyn Moore

Knowledge Network Intern


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