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ARTICLE | Jan 25, 2019

January is National Mentoring Month, a campaign that aims to raise awareness about the need for more mentors, as well as encourage more people to actively become mentors. This month, we are spotlighting two ICMA members and sharing their thoughts on having the support of a mentor and being mentored.

  “I will say that had I not had a mentor it would have been a very difficult transition for me from the military to local government. I reached out to a veteran who is also a manager, Bill Ebel, city manager, Overland Park, Kansas. It was incredibly helpful to talk with him about his experience and his transition. So, I believe that a mentor is invaluable.” —Darrin Tangeman, ICMA-CM, city manager, Woodland Park, Colorado

  “A mentor is someone who kind of takes you under their wing. I think that the best mentors I’ve had so far are the city manager and assistant city manager of Olathe. They’re both vetted, they know what they’re doing, and they’re excellent at it. I think what’s been the most educational for me is to learn that emotional quotient and how to make those big decisions in a professional matter. I feel so privileged and blessed to be able to work for them, and I consider both mentors.” —Shawna Davis, budget and performance analyst, Olathe, Kansas

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