Veterans Recognition Award

"A life in service" characterizes a lifestyle of contributing to the well-being of individuals and community. This way of life is marked by empathy, compassion, and a strong sense of purpose with individuals finding fulfillment and satisfaction in the positive impact they make on the lives of those they serve. This is who local government professionals are.

They show up every day regardless of natural disasters or other community catastrophes, to make sure that their residents have the services they need to live the best quality of life possible. That alone is amazing! But there is an even smaller subset of our members who value this way of life so much that they would sacrifice their life for it. These are our local government veterans.

ICMA is giving members the opportunity to thank our local government professionals who have served or are still serving in the military. Nominate an ICMA member who is a full-time local government employee and has served in the armed forces. The top three candidates will receive an award plaque and an ICMA Proclamation certificate.

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New, Reduced Membership Dues

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