ICMA Community Diversity and Inclusion Award Highlight

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Feb 17, 2020 | ARTICLE
St. Louis Park, MN - Pathways to Policing Program

As communities around the globe host events to celebrate National Black History Month, ICMA highlights one of the recipients of its 2019 Community Diversity and Inclusion Program Excellence Award.

St. Louis Park, Minnesota, was recognized last year for its 'Pathways to Policing' program designed to address the drop in the number of police officer applicants and to attract candidates of color, women, and others with nontraditional backgrounds. It primarily focused on candidates who were interested in a career in law enforcement but lacked the means or ability to attend a law enforcement academic program while continuing their current careers.

To attract a diverse pool of applicants, the departments marketed the program aggressively in various communities and on several well-known job search websites. They also conducted information sessions at which potential applicants could hear details about the program before the application deadline from human resources staff, police chiefs, and other police officers. The sessions attracted nearly 500 applicants. Congratulations St. Louis Park! Learn more about this award-winning program and check out other recipients of this award.

You still have time to nominate your community for a 2020 Program Excellence Award!

In addition to the Community Diversity and Inclusion award, other program award categories are Community Health and Safety, Community Partnerships, Community Sustainability, and Strategic Leadership and Governance.

There is also an opportunity to nominate an inspirational colleague. Professional awards are presented for career excellence, development of new talent, excellence in leadership as an assistant (regardless of title), early career leadership, and academic contributions. Take a moment to consider which of your colleagues has made a significant difference in their community or to the profession.

Submit nominations online. Contact Joyce Lee at jlee@icma.org or 202/962-3625 with questions. Recipients will be honored during ICMA’s Annual Conference in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Deadline for nominations is March 6, 2020.