On June 10, 2020, ICMA canvassed 2,498 ballots (2,478 were received online and 20 by regular mail) cast by ICMA Corporate members to select vice presidents from each of ICMA’s six regions and to vote on proposed changes to Tenets 5 and 6 of ICMA’s Code of Ethics.

ICMA Executive Board Regional Vice Presidents

The six newly elected vice presidents will take office with the 2020-21 ICMA Executive Board and inducted into office during the 106th ICMA Annual Conference, held virtually September 23-26, 2020. The vice presidents are:

William (Bill) J. Fraser, city manager, Montpelier, Vermont: Northeast

Nathaniel (Nate) W. Pagan, city manager, Owensboro, Kentucky: Southeast

Victor Cardenas, assistant city manager, Novi, Michigan: Midwest

Diane Stoddard, assistant city manager, Lawrence, Kansas: Mountain Plains

Roxanne Murphy, assistant city manager, Valdez, Alaska: West Coast

Chris MacPherson, city administrator, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada: International

Learn more about the nominations and election process for regional vice presidents.

ICMA Code of Ethics

The newly accepted revisions to Tenets 5 and 6 approved by the membership are effective June 10, 2020:

Tenet 5. Submit policy proposals to elected officials; provide them with facts, and technical and professional advice about policy options; and collaborate with them in setting goals for the community and organization.

Tenet 6. Recognize that elected representatives are accountable to their community for the decisions they make; members are responsible for implementing those decisions.

See the article providing more details on the changes to Tenets 5 and 6 approved by the membership, as well as revisions to guidelines the board approved during its June meeting. 


Members with questions about the changes to Tenets 5 and 6 can contact Jessica Cowles, ethics advisor at 202-962-3513 and jcowles@icma.org; or Martha Perego, director of member services and ethics at 202-962-3668 and mperego@icma.org.

Questions about ICMA's nominations and elections process can be emailed to icmanominations@icma.org.

New, Reduced Membership Dues

A new, reduced dues rate is available for CAOs/ACAOs, along with additional discounts for those in smaller communities, has been implemented. Learn more and be sure to join or renew today!