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The 2024 ICMA Equity Summit is an event that promises to be a cornerstone for local government leaders and equity officers who are committed to fostering inclusive communities. This year's summit is not just a meeting; it's a transformative experience that will equip attendees with the knowledge, strategies, and insights needed to drive change and promote equity in their organizations.

The theme, “Keeping It Moving: The Power of Us,” emphasizes collective action, collaboration, and solidarity in sustaining meaningful progress toward equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging. Over two days, attendees will discover tools, and can expect inspiration and encouragement to stay on the course–keeping it moving–particularly in the context of the current sociopolitical environment.

Here are the top 3 things you will learn at the summit:

1. Innovative Strategies for Inclusive Leadership

Attendees will delve into the world of innovative strategies that are reshaping the way local governments approach equity and inclusion.

The dynamic opening session Charting the Course: Navigating with Innovative Strategies and Solutions, a courageous conversation led by members of the first ICMA Equity Officer cohort, will provide innovative strategies and solutions these trailblazers are implementing to foster equitable communities in the face of evolving legislative landscapes.

Participants will be inspired to leverage data as a tool for transformative change, foster environments of inclusivity and equity within governmental institutions, and unlock the potential of data to drive racial equity at the session Institutionalizing Equity and Belonging in Local Government with the Power of Data.

The session Using AI to Promote Equity: Opportunities, Challenges, and Risks for Local Government will explore how artificial intelligence can be leveraged to create equitable outcomes and how diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives have successfully transformed organizations.

2. Community Engagement and Empowerment

The summit's focus on community engagement and empowerment will provide attendees with the tools and techniques necessary to foster meaningful dialogue and collaboration.

The session Fostering Meaningful Community Collaboration: Tackling Emerging Topics Through Deep Partnership will tap into the need for collective wisdom and lived experiences of local stakeholders for successful change. Speakers from the International Economic Development Council will share insights from their Equitable Economic Development Toolkit, highlighting intentional community engagement strategies that drive inclusive and sustainable progress.

Attendees will discover the transformative journey of Washoe County, Nevada, the inspiring story of fostering a culture of belonging over the past decade, in the session Cultivating Belonging: Washoe County's DEIB Journey that will guide attendees through their comprehensive strategy that has moved the needle.

During the interactive session Utilizing the Arts to Build a Just, Multiracial Democracy: An Overview of the Cultural Week of Action on Race and Democracy, attendees will learn about the impact of arts and discover how others across the country are utilizing the arts to promote democracy, racial equity, and coming together.

3. Advancing Equity in Public Policy and Services

The summit will challenge attendees to rethink the design and delivery of public services and spaces, ensuring they meet the needs of all.

The budget is one of the most powerful tools for influencing change. Attendees will dive into the forefront of municipal budgeting for equity, and explore the key themes, trends, and best emerging practices in the session Identifying Highest Impact Practices in Municipal Budgeting for Equity.

Attendees will understand how integrating health and social equity into city policy making decisions and programs.

The session Advancing Equity in Public Works and Parks & Rec will be a dynamic conversation featuring the Des Moines' chief equity officer, public works director, and parks and recreation director. They will discuss their unique approaches to promoting equity within their respective departments, which are often perceived as traditional municipal services. The session will highlight the importance of leadership in normalizing equity as a fundamental aspect of all operations.

The summit takes place July 25–26, with access to the digital platform, including video recordings and slides, for 30 days after the event. 

The ICMA 2024 Equity Summit is more than just a conference; it's a commitment to action and a call to lead with equity at the forefront. Local government leaders and equity officers, this is your opportunity to be part of a movement that is shaping the future of our communities. Register now and join us in the journey toward a more equitable tomorrow. 

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