LocalGovGo Winner Gets Free Nashville Conference Registration

ICMA's #LocalGovGo selfie game encouraged local government professionals to share their networking skills on social media.

Sep 26, 2018 | ARTICLE

Jeff Weaver, management analyst, San Mateo County, California, is the 2018 #LocalGovGo winner! From rubbing shoulders with his fellow MMANC members, to snagging a pic at our ICMAtv stand, Weaver gave us a tour of all of the exciting things to do and people to meet at this year's annual conference in Baltimore.


Want to see more of this year's competition? Take a second to review a collection of #LocalGovGo moments from #ICMA2018 on our official ICMA Twitter account. And follow ICMA Events to stay up to date with all of ICMA’s happenings.

LocalGovGo Photo Contest



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