In the July issue of Public Management (PM) magazine and the cover story “Improve Your Leadership Skills by Thinking Up,” author Jim Malone poses these questions on an organization’s culture: “Are people being allowed to see beyond the immediate spreadsheet or the way it’s always been done? Have we made room for thought and reflection that may open new doors to innovative programs for residents?”

He goes on to write that local employees are looking for leaders who can be adaptive, build authentic relationships, and provide vision, which are products of the vertical mindset that is also known as “Thinking Up.”

In order to create an environment where vertical development is valued, leaders can establish a climate of trust, vulnerability, and acceptance. Trust is what keeps any well-functioning organization moving, Malone writes, and it can lead to new ideas, varied opinions, and employee communication. This in turn leads to organizational culture change.

For more information on exactly how vertical development can be nurtured by leaders, read “Improve Your Leadership Skills by Thinking Up.”