Congratulations to the spring 2020 awardees of the Local Government Early Career Service Certificate. This certificate, launched in May 2019, is for graduating MPA/MPP students who have completed extensive projects for local governments. It also recognizes graduating students in good academic standing who have gone above and beyond the requirements of their degree programs and displayed a commitment to local government service. Students receive the certificate based on nominations submitted by their ICMA Student Chapter faculty advisors at the end of each academic semester.  

Spring 2020 Recipients

  • Adam Vossen, University of Central Oklahoma  
  • Joseph Chidiac, Pepperdine School of Public Policy
  • Jordan Wallace, Georgia Southern University     
  • Samantha Bullinger, Auburn University 
  • Alesha Mann, Auburn University 
  • Emma Yourd, University of Pittsburgh 
  • Dontavious Waller, Georgia Southern University 
  • Nicholas Matthews, Georgia Southern University 
  • Jon McBrayer, Georgia College & State University            
  • Luke Atkinson, University of Central Oklahoma  
  • Tonisha Hurd, University of Delaware 
  • Danielle Littmann, University of Delaware 
  • Simone Adkins, University of Delaware 
  • Sarah Warkentin, University of Delaware            
  • Harrison Fry, Murray State University    
  • Megan Nolde, Virginia Commonwealth University           
  • Jason Wardrup, University of Delaware 
  • Huell White, Portland State University   
  • Pablo Majano, Central Michigan University          
  • James Kline, Virginia Commonwealth University 
  • DeMario Johnson, Grand Valley State University 
  • Kahler Sweeney, Grand Valley State University  
  • Riya Rajesh, CEPT University 
  • Myeisha Williams, Mills College
  • Patrick Seals, Mills College         
  • Kristina Smith, Mills College       
  • Mackenzie MortonBoone, Mills College 
  • Julie Howell, Mills College          
  • Daniel Mao, Mills College           
  • Sylvia Ordeman, University of North Texas          
  • Davianna Monet Humble, University of Kansas  
  • Karl Shaddock, Arizona State University 
  • Logan Peiman, Arizona State University 
  • Stella Carr, Arizona State University       
  • Thomas Prior, Arizona State University  
  • Ashley Coles, Virginia Commonwealth University             
  • Timothy Morris, Virginia Commonwealth University 
  • Adam Caldwell, Virginia Commonwealth University 

ICMA continues to support partnerships between universities and local governments, which help students develop practical skills and connections in public service and bring fresh perspectives to local government issues.

See photos and biographies of the spring 2020 recipients.

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