In Case You Missed It: Smart Community and Emerging Technology Resources for Local Government Leaders

Dec 28, 2017 | ARTICLE

With the priorities of local government leaders moving at such a fast pace, it's easy to miss some of the great resources that can help make your job easier. To keep you up-to-date with the latest resources on the topic of smart communities and technology, we've created a list of ICMA reports and e-books to help public administrators become more familiar with the trends in smart technologies and consider the possibilities, challenges, and impacts of smart technology solutions in their communities. Below are three resources that we encourage all local leaders to download and read:

1. Smart Solutions: Technology Serving Communities

Communities—cities and counties working with their residents and employees and the private sector—are increasingly deploying smart technologies into their operational systems each day with little fanfare, coordination, or awareness of the impact these technologies have on their civic cultures. In the publication Smart Solutions: Technology Serving Communities, public administrators, elected officials, and academics receive a primer on “smart cities,” or emerging technologies. ICMA and the Institute for Building Technology and Safety (IBTS) offer Smart Solutions in a format featuring pertinent context, how-to guidance, diverse case studies, and relevant resource information on emerging technologies.

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2. Cybersecurity: Protecting Local Government Digital Resources Report

Even if your organization has not yet experienced a cyber breach, the probable consequences of one are simply too big to ignore. And the probability of remaining protected without having cybersecurity policies, a plan, and established protocols in place and actively updated is not in your favor when data already suggest that breaches and cyber extortion practices are rising. Before you find your own jurisdiction’s security breach in the headlines, consider how a strategic approach from the ICMA and Microsoft Cybersecurity: Protecting Local Government Digital Resources Report can (1) help break down into manageable pieces what may feel like daunting tasks, and (2) protect a public organization, its employees, and the public it serves.

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3. Smart Communities and Data Analytics Report

Local governments are faced with the increasingly difficult challenge of providing high levels of service while limiting the expenditure of precious taxpayer resources. Whether it is improving public safety and health, managing traffic flow, providing clear and efficient planning and permitting processes, communicating with the public about performance and budgets, responding to the challenges of climate change and more, local governments are working hard to do more with less. One strategy to accomplish this difficult task is to harness the power of emerging sources of data and technology to become more efficient, transparent, and effective. That's why ICMA has partnered with SAS to develop the Smart Communities and Data Analytics Report that brings the power of data analytics and smart community practices to local governments worldwide. 

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With technology needs for local governments and their communities continuously evolving, be sure to check out the Technology topic page to stay up-to-date on the latest news and resources. 


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