ZenCity is ICMA’s preferred provider for Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven data analytics and sentiment analysis.

ZenCity uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help cities and counties understand resident feedback and make data-smart decisions. Our tool aggregates millions of resident-generated data points from sources like social media, local government hotlines, local news channels, and more. Using AI, we automatically transform this data into actionable insights, providing local government managers with an ongoing and real-time vision of the needs and priorities of their residents. Local governments across the United States are using ZenCity to prioritize resources, track performance, and connect with their communities.

The Product

ZenCity is a data analytics tool built for local governments. The platform’s core capability is analyzing the content, context, and sentiment of resident-generated data interactions in real time and over time, in order to deliver insights to different stakeholders in the city's or county’s management. Through ZenCity’s robust, award-winning Artificial Intelligence algorithms, the platform automatically aggregates and analyzes data from across a multitude of public and city-run data sources, into one, easy-to-use dashboard where the data is geolocated by geographical area, visualized by local government department and volume of discourse, and more. ZenCity’s mobile-first alerting system notifies stakeholders of trends and anomalies.

Contact ZenCity

US +1-347-960-4191 | IL +972-52-366-6881





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