Your Equity Journey: Learning Opportunities

Learning and Development Opportunities




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Equity and Inclusion Conference Sessions

Monday, September 21

League of Women in Government Symposium

Redesigning Systems for Equity in Criminal Justice

How to Gather the Opinions of Hard-to-Reach Residents

Advancing Age-forward Communities

Tuesday, September 22

Listening to the Unheard Voices of Your Community

Diversity Uncovered™ Online - An Interactive Introduction to Implicit Bias, Microaggressions in Local Government

Enhancing Resilience and Racial Equity through Civic Capital

Wednesday, September 23

Europe/Africa Track: Resilient and Inclusive Cities

ICMA University - Racism Both in The Department and How It Reaches Out to Its Community

Keeping Women in the Workforce During a Pandemic and Beyond

How to Plan for Financial Resilience and Build a More Equitable City, Starting Today

See, Hear, Heal: Engaging Artists in Solving Community Problems

What Are We Doing to Bring About Real Change? Taking a Closer Look at Systemic Racism and Police Reform.

President's Colloquium: Lessons Learned on One City’s Racial Equity Journey – Size Doesn’t Matter; Commitment Does

Officers and Social Workers – Police Reform and Enhancements to Police Response

Embedding Equity into the COVID-19 Resilience Framework

Manuel Pastor: Uncommon Common Ground: Centering Racial Equity for a Better America

Thursday, September 24

Thursday General Session Featuring Robin DiAngelo

A Public Communication and Engagement Strategy for Local Government with a Citizen as Partner, Deliberative Democracy, and Racial Equity Approach

Welcome to “Our” Team: A Facilitated Discussion about Diversifying Historically Homogenous Workgroups

ICMA University - Process Matters: Transforming Public Engagement in a Divided World

Protecting Residents from Water Shutoffs during COVID-19

ICMA University - Social Media in Local Government: Leave or Experiment-The Choice is Yours

Human Trafficking - What Local Governments Need to Know

Roundtable: Engaging Artists in Solving Community Problems

Friday, September 25

Understanding Generational Differences within Assistant and Deputy Managers

Organizational Change in Policing

Defunding Police: The Concept, the Practice and the Community Discussion

Confronting the Past: Alachua County's Journey of Truth and Reconciliation

Build It and They Will Come...and Stay: Creating a Workplace Culture of Innovation, Productivity, and Sustainability

Culture Wars: What to do When Values Clash in the Workplace

Cities Closing Racial Income Wealth Gaps

Engaging Youth Voices to Make a Difference

Saturday, September 26

Roundtable: Operationalizing Racial Equity

Equity and Inclusion in the Local Government Workplace: How Are We Doing?

Homelessness 201: Putting the Team Together and Dealing With COVID

Recruit for Diversity, Hire for Competence - Change Management Results in the Tumwater Fire Department

Sponsorship: Taking Mentoring to the Next Level to Build Inclusive Leadership

Municipal Broadband - A City Utilities Resilience During a Pandemic

On-Demand Sessions

Success with Equity Programs: Engaging at the Leadership Level

Five Ways to Reduce Bias and Promote Inclusiveness

Academic Symposium: Local Government Professional Development Organizations and Their Role in Women Obtaining the Top Spot : City Manager

Emergency Management - How to Include Citizens with Disabilities

Having Tough Conversations About Equity - Accepting and Welcoming Discomfort

Diverse Pathways to Assistant and Deputy Manager Positions

Better Together: Leading Through the Pandemic

Discussion on Equitable Climate Resilience

Confronting Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery in Time of Crisis: Innovative Local Responses to a Global Problem

Neurodiversity and Inclusion - It IS Possible



On-Demand Webinars