Who’s Who FAQ

A full FAQ explaining the changes made to the Who's Who member directory.

ICMA has updated The member directory known as Who's Who. This FAQ explains how to use this improved directory. 


  • Is the Search the same?
    • The search is improved and includes all records in our system.
    • We have 2 options available basic search and advanced search. The basic search returns all records with the search terms in any field whereas advanced search returns records filtered by the fields selected.
  • Do I need to be a member to search Who’s Who?
    • No, anyone with an ICMA website login can search the Who’s Who directory.
  • How can I find peers near me?
    • Use the Advanced Search.
  • How can I find people with the same topic interests?
    • Use the Advanced Search.
  • How can I find potential private sector partners?
  • How can I find new members?
  • How can I find ICMA Staff?
    • Go to Advanced search and select ICMA in the Organization Field.
  • There are people listed in my organization who are no longer employed how do we change that?


Member Profiles (My ICMA)

  • The information on my profile is not correct, can I correct it?
    • Yes, find your profile then select Edit Profile or go to My ICMA and update your information.
    • How do I update my profile bio?
      • Go to My ICMA and select the pencil edit icon below the bio section.
    • I don’t see my work history on my profile.
      • Go To My Job History and add your information.
    • I changed jobs, how do I change my organization and job title?
      • Go to My ICMA and select Edit Profile to select your new organization and edit your title.
    • My email and phone number are displayed on my profile, what if I’d like to hide the information?
      • Who's Who currently does not have the ability to hide information on your profile.
    • A committee I served on is not showing in my activity history.