Does your personal professional development plan include an international component? If it does, you may be eligible for fellowship assistance.

The Tranter-Leong Fellowship offers the opportunity for members to expand their international horizons while advancing ICMA’s commitment to “think globally, act locally.”

Applicants must have been active members of ICMA for at least one year, have the support of their employer, and commit to sharing the experience through communication channels afterward.

The Tranter-Leong Fund was established at ICMA in 2017 through a generous donation from ICMA Life Member Revan A. F. Tranter, past ICMA president and first chair of the International Committee, and Eugene Y. Leong. Each of these men served as executive director for the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) in California. Upon retirement from ABAG, they started a fund to support interns at ABAG, and the fund later evolved to the Tranter-Leong Fund at ICMA. Under ICMA’s stewardship, the two donors and the leadership of the International Committee will use the funds to advance ICMA’s commitment to international professional development.

Fellowship Description

The ICMA International Committee offers two fellowships from the Tranter-Leong Fund to encourage ICMA members to expand their international horizons while advancing the organization’s commitment to “think globally, act locally.” The fellowship aims to:

  • Enhance the professional development of the member.
  • Further the local government management profession.
  • Encourage ICMA membership and international affiliate relationships.

Two fellowships are available each cycle, one for applicants who seek an experience in Asia and another for applicants who seek an experience elsewhere, other than the United States or Canada.

Fellowship funds must be used for an experience outside the applicant’s home country. Examples may include conducting research, teaching at an educational institution, establishing a relationship with an ICMA international affiliate organization, job shadowing in a host community, or similar activities. These funds may not be used to repay student loans or to fund solely cultural experiences.

Application Criteria

  • The applicant must be an active member of ICMA and must have been a member for at least one year.
  • The fellowship funds must only be used towards the direct expenses of the proposed international experience.
  • The applicant must submit a brief proposal (details below). The individual award is $5,000. The applicant, if selected, is responsible for any expenses above that amount. A portion of the award (50% of the requested amount) can be disbursed in advance, with the rest payable upon submission of a detailed report at the end of the experience.


Applicants will be evaluated by a selection committee led by the vice chair of the ICMA International Committee.


Please submit a 2 page proposal with your application. Your fellowship proposal should include:

  • A brief personal statement describing yourself and your personal and career goals.
  • A description of what you propose to do and where, as well as what your specific goals are for the experience.
  • The proposed time when you will carry out the proposed activity
  • A description of how you intend to share your experience with U.S./Canadian and global audiences, both during and after your period abroad. Suggestions for sharing your experience include: creating a blog, proposing an article for the ICMA website or ICMA newsletter, or preparing a brief report covering topics such as unanticipated developments or challenges, lessons learned, overall impact, future plans, recognition (outside), other comments.


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