The National Civic League (NCL) team provides the following services to local governments:

  • Develop a community/organization vision and action plan. NCL helps you build your capacity to include residents in key discussions. Learn how to engage residents in developing a shared vision and a specific and achievable action plan.  Assess your civic infrastructure through NCL’s Civic Index.  NCL’s process builds local leadership. NCL’s skilled facilitators know how to ask the tough questions and the right questions. Short- and long-term engagements yield plans that are useful and lead to achievable win-win solutions and far-reaching results.    
  • Achieve tangible results on difficult issues.  Engage NCL to help you think through issues and barriers to progress, and to help you form and implement your plan. NCL has helped communities of all sizes to develop healthy community plans, address immigrant integration challenges, and find common ground and shared priorities on divisive issues.
  • Be an effective and accountable government.  Use NCL’s Model City Charter (now in its 8th edition) and the newly revised Guide to Charter Commissions to develop or revise your charter. NCL staff can answer key questions and facilitate a consensus-based charter commission process and connect you to additional experts.
  • Adapt best practices to achieve local success. Through a peer learning and community exchange of the All-America City Awards, you will identify best practices and experts who will work with your community.


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