Zoning 101 will enable you to put everything related to zoning in context. As stated in the book's introduction by renowned land use attorney Dwight H. Merriam, FAICP, this book is "essential reading for every citizen who is interested in understanding this important aspect of the operation of his or her local government...Zoning 101 will turn the novice into an expert, and reinforce an expert's understanding of ... the seven basic elements that form the center of the universe for all zoning ordinances. The Connecticut Conference of Municipalities finds it "written in a concise, easy-to-read style, the primer introduces and explains the basic philosophy and administration of modern zoning ordinances."

Zoning 101 is designed to be accessible and informative for busy local elected officials, as well as a handy reference tool for staff professionals, especially in smaller communities with limited personnel and resources for planning and zoning. The book features a section on "the seven basic elements of zoning" plus a glossary. Areas of focus include application processing, planned unit developments, overlay zones, subdivisions, performance zoning, and enforcement procedures. Also, there are practical tips on how to tackle difficult zoning situations and ways to involve the public in a positive manner on zoning issues." The author also wrote The New City Manager - A Study in Government Ethics.  


Price: $23.36 Paperback, $9.95 E-book