If I was to re-write the title of this book (available at Amazon.com) to one more specific  for the local government manager it would read- Finding the Energy to Serve My Community: How I Countered the Impacts of Cancer, Cynicism and Age with the Healing Practice of Way of Harmony Qigong. Qigong is an ancient Chinese art translated in English as “energy work”. The slow, meditative, deep breathing and stretching movements of Qigong allow practitioners to tap into the potential healing energy within their bodies as well as the universal energy without. I give the practice of Qigong a lot of credit for helping me heal and recover from 3 cancer surgeries and radiation treatments. While I started traditional Qigong practice to help heal and support the survival of my physical body, I created the Way of Harmony Qigong System, including 7 simple exercise forms, to support my political and emotional survival as a Town Administrator.


Out of necessity my role as local government administrator is often one of coordinator, facilitator, harmonizer and balancer of interests. Without a strong daily disciplined emphasis on finding authentic harmony, remaining open and vulnerable in relationships, and a willingness to forgive and be tolerant I could not survive in my role, nor could our local community or body politic.


Way of Harmony Qigong helps me to start each day filled with the positive energy (physically and spiritually) I need to serve my community. I hope local government managers will find the insights and movements of Way of Harmony Qigong valuable as they work at the front lines of our democratic republic and are key figures in determining whether our country’s political future will be one of harmony, collaboration and unity or distrust, divisiveness and separation.


You can purchase the book here.



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