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The Success Secret was a multilist best seller on Amazon. Jack Canfield (of "Chicken Soup" fame) headlined this incredible collection of stories from all walks of life.

My contribution deals with the importance of knowing what your target is before you try to hit it.  Based on a thirty year career in local government and almost a decade of consulting with city councils and other boards of directors, I have come to believe that the lack of clarity surrounding desired outcomes is the most significant shortcoming in the governance process.

In true “Chicken Soup” style I tell a story and then draw conclusions that will absolutely resonate with professional local government administrators.

Jack’s contribution underscores this point.  As he talks about “success made simple,” he says, “Most people never take the time to sit down and design the life they want to live.”  In my words, they never fully clarify their target.

An easy and entertaining read!



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