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  • Good.

Meet Joe Victor.  Successful in his personal, professional, and civic life.  Sought after as an executive and as a board member.  Seen as a paragon of accomplishment by friends, family, and peers.

But it wasn’t always this way.  Midway through his career Joe had felt as if he was being bombarded from all sides.  His job was demanding, his family was growing, and the volunteer positions he had accepted were becoming overwhelming.  He felt like he was spending lots of time at board meetings but not really getting anything worthwhile accomplished. Like so many of us, Joe was ready to “throw in the towel,” resign his board positions, and seek success elsewhere.

Fortunately Joe’s wife, Patricia, saw his distress and introduced him to Natalie Benson.  In turn, Natalie convinced Joe to seek the "OnTarget way."

Join Joe as he shares his journey of discovery and accomplishment, and learn the eight indisputable behaviors that distinguish high achieving board members from all the rest.  Attend a board meeting and see how the behaviors transform any board – non-profit, for-profit or civic, into a high performance team.

Told in an engaging and compelling story fashion, and examined through the eyes of Ivan John, a reporter for the Sunday News, Joe’s recipe for excellence—the eight indisputable behaviors—are brought to life.

NOTE FOR ICMA MEMBERS – This is a transformative book for your elected officials.  It provides an easy to read (and remember!) template for successful council meetings and a “job description” that fits nicely into the council-manager format.


Price: $25.00 (Includes shipping and handling). Contact Mike Conduff at mike.Conduff@TheElimGroup.com for purchase information.


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