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Dominican Republic, Indonesia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Vietnam

ICMA's Role

As a subcontractor to Tetra Tech, ICMA is contributing to the project’s commitment to the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) and more effective and sustainable solid waste management (SWM), specifically by supporting municipalities to establish stronger governance systems.

Project Details

Clean Cities, Blue Ocean (CCBO) is USAID’s flagship program in response to the global crisis of marine plastic pollution. Implemented by prime contractor TetraTech with ICMA as a subcontractor, the program seeks to improve solid waste management practices so that plastics are managed directly at their source and prevented from reaching the ocean. CCBO focus areas are Southeast Asia (Philippines, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, The Maldives, and Indonesia), Latin America (Peru) and the Caribbean (Dominican Republic). CCBO is working both with multiple USAID Missions on country-specific implementation of national and local activities, and with USAID/Washington on global-level activities, including private sector engagement and policy support to accomplish four integrated objectives:

  1. Promoting reduce, reuse, and recycle (3Rs) in target communities, and strengthening of local and regional markets for recycled plastic;
  2. Building social and behavioral change for the 3Rs and sustainable solid waste management;
  3. Increasing capacity for and effective governance of solid waste management and recycling systems; and
  4. Forging new private sector partnerships for improved impact, sustainability, and forward-looking commitments for continued progress beyond the project’s lifetime.

Under this program, ICMA works with stakeholders to improve local implementation and enforcement of laws, policies, and regulations; improve revenue generation and financing options; and, through policy, address livelihood challenges faced by those involved in the 3R/SWM sector, including women, youth, informal waste collectors, and other under-represented groups. ICMA has contributed to the development of Initial Solid Waste Management Assessments (ISWMA) and is analyzing national-level SWM laws, policies and enforcement mechanisms and identifying gaps in compliance and enforcement practices at the local level.

ICMA has developed a Solid Waste Management Capacity Index for Local Governments (SCIL) which is a self-assessment tool that measures the capacity of local governments in key areas, including planning, policy and legal framework, financial management, service delivery, human resources and community engagement. Through country-based Capacity and Governance Managers, ICMA applies the Index to select target local governments. Results of the Index will lead local government staff to make recommendations and develop capacity-building plans. These plans will focus on critical gaps in municipal systems that need to be addressed to ensure sustainable SWM practices that ultimately contribute to a reduction of marine plastic pollution.

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