Policy Committee

Good managers stay aware of and are able to analyze the impacts of federal and state policies on their local economies and communities. ICMA’s Governmental Affairs and Policy Committee (GAPC) members are your eyes and ears for navigating through these issues.

The Governmental Affairs and Policy Committee (GAPC) is ICMA's member-based committee tasked with reviewing current and proposed federal, and in some cases state, legislation for impacts on local governments. GAPC members are your eyes, ears, and early warning flag for these legislative policies, including fiscal policy, trade issues, taxes, unfunded mandates, homeland security, pensions and human services, infrastructure, and more.

The committee meets twice annually, once in the fall at the ICMA Annual Conference and again in the spring, in conjunction with the NLC and NACo legislative conferences.

The Knowledge Network hosts the Government Affairs and Public Policy blog and the GAPC's online discussion group.

GAPC Leadership

  • Chairman: Melinda Moran, County Administrator, County of Mathews, VA
  • Vice-Chairman: Scott Slatton, Legislative and Public Policy Advocate, Municipal Association of South Carolina

White Papers

ICMA's board has directed the committee to produce policy white papers each committee year, depending on ICMA resources available and topics needing a managerial perspective.  Final drafts are circulated to committee members and available to the membership and other Big 7 organizations.


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