PM 2024

Public Management (PM) Magazine relies on article submissions from ICMA members and others in the local government space sharing their expertise. We're searching for interesting and insightful stories on a variety of topics to advance professional local government.

Article pitches and submissions can be sent to Kerry Hansen, managing editor, at Access our full editorial guidelines here.

Check out the PM Editorial Calendar for 2024:

JAN: Local Government Careers and Workforce

Career development, hiring and retention, workforce trends and challenges, digital workspace
Deadline for article submissions: Nov 1

FEB: Using Data to Drive Success

Case studies in how best to capture, analyze, and use data in local government decision-making; ICMA technical assistance programs
Deadline for article submissions: Dec 1

MAR: Ethics, Political Neutrality, and Voting

Ethical leadership, importance of political neutrality for local government professionals;
100th anniversary of the ICMA Code of Ethics
Deadline for article submissions: Jan 1

APR: Finance and Budgeting

Innovations in finance management and budget preparation, strategic planning
Deadline for article submissions: Feb 1

MAY: Public Health Reimagined

Prioritizing mental health, post-pandemic public concerns and innovations
Deadline for article submissions: Mar 1

JUN: Community Engagement Reimagined

Engagement tactics and challenges, 311, deliberative discourse, polarity management
Deadline for article submissions: Apr 1

JUL: Thriving Economies

Economic development, shared mobility, sustainability
Deadline for article submissions: May 1

AUG: Emergency Management and Public Safety Reimagined

Leadership during a crisis; police, fire, and EMS services; emergency and disaster preparedness
Deadline for article submissions: Jun 1

SEP: Inspiring Leaders and Innovative Communities (Awards)

Stories of ICMA award recipients and award-winning communities
Deadline for article submissions: Jul 1

OCT: Technology and Cybersecurity

Innovative technologies, drones, cybersecurity awareness and cyber hygiene
Deadline for article submissions: Aug 1

NOV: Low-Population Communities

Challenges and solutions for small towns, rural areas, and low-population counties
Deadline for article submissions: Sep 1

DEC: Council-Manager Relations

Orientation/education, communication, setting expectations, establishing trust
Deadline for article submissions: Oct 1

Frequent Departments:

Letter from the CEO/Executive Director
Ethics Matter!
Assistants and Deputies
Tech Updates
Member/Global Spotlight
IDEALS (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, Leadership, Social Justice)
Women in Leadership
Next Generation
First-Time Administrators
Managers in Transition

Topics Commonly Found in Each Issue:

Gnarly/wicked issues
Counties/small towns
Council–manager form of government