Members in Transition (MITs) are encouraged to remain in the Voluntary Credentialing Program. It is important to attend state and regional meetings to network and stay current while in transition. However, if you cannot attend as many conferences as you would like, there are other ways to fulfill the requirement.

You may fulfill part or all of your annual professional development commitment through professional reading from the local library or other sources. You may count actual time spent studying up to ten hours per book. ICMA waives dues payments in six-month increments for up to three years.  The registration fees for the Annual Conference and for one 90-minute ICMA University webinar per month are waived as well.  If you are not able to attend the Annual Conference, archived virtual conference materials are provided free of charge after the event. 


Messages from Former MITs

"I felt it was very important to continue my learning. There are several reasons. The initial one is that we have all hired employees for many different positions over the years. We always look for the person who is the "go getter" and wants to better themselves. While in the job market, it was very important to not only rely on what I have done, but what new ideas I have learned.

"The second reason is I had time to read all those books that I should have read but didn‟t because I was either too tired at night or some other fire had to be put out first. Being an MIT you do have some time to be good to yourself and learn just for the fun of it." -Pat Cannon

"I helped keep myself motivated by reading several books, including some books that advanced my professional development. I also attended a conference on green technology that I may not have attended had I been working, but helped me greatly in understanding energy efficient and green technology trends. While I had to forego one conference I historically attended because I could not afford the travel, I continually looked for less expensive alternatives to professional development. I firmly believe it is important to use a transition period to keep your skills sharp and growing.

"I also stayed very active in Toastmasters to keep up my speaking skills and kept involved in Rotary to ensure I didn't allow myself to become isolated." -Greg Sund